Escape to another dimension.

The inspiring adventure of a gnome who has accidentally come to Earth, and the girl who helps him find his gateway home.

What a pleasure to pick up a book so original it’s almost impossible to put down. Pettikin won me over on the first page and captivated me until the end. Abby Smith is a terrific storyteller. Her characters are diverse and fully-formed, with clear descriptions and smart dialogue.

Reading “Pettikin” is a total escape to a fantasy world. Several actually! It’s quite an adventure, with a few alpacas thrown in. I cannot wait to see what the next book brings!

Joan, North Carolina, USA

Pettikin is a novel that feels familiar and magical, much like the world its young heroine inhabits. From the very first page, the twin realms of youthful reality and magical possibility allow the reader to enter a world they can relate to, while inspiring them to gleefully flip the pages as a twin universe beyond their imagination unspools.

ERH, Boston, MA

About The Book

Aunt May’s funeral was strange, but things get stranger when fourteen-year-old Allie Thomas encounters Pettikin Periwinkle, a gnome with a love of sweets and a penchant for screaming, who is stranded on Earth after the death of its only Gatekeeper.

To get Pettikin home, Allie must enlist the help of a powerful, yet unconventional, Guardian and prove to him that she has what it takes to be a Gatekeeper.

With three alpacas to guide her, a month’s supply of cookies, and zero training, she sets off with Pettikin through three secret realms. But there is a Contractor here working with the evil race of sslorcs to stop her. And on top of that, she just might be falling for the Guardian.

Pettikin Character - sitting down

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More Praise

I loved Allie–her confusion, her fear, her good heart, her willingness to give her best.  I also loved the great messages of the story–about will, love, self, and the nature of fear and courage, failure…

Barbara, Boulder, CO, USA

I LOVED the humor – seriously found myself snickering out loud.

Michelle, Portsmouth, NH

I am so excited for this book to come out! My daughter read an early draft and loved it, compelling me to pick up the book. While geared to Middle Grade readers (ages 9-12), both my kids (aged 8 and almost-11 now) and I love it and have read it several times. This book is really inspiring, and a bright light shining in the darkness. If you have a heart, you will love this book.

Karin Hanni, Bellingham, WA, USA

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